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Optimize your overland logistic flows.
With over 10 years experience in door-to-door transport for your FTL or LTL shipments !

Continental Freight Forwarding has the knowledge and expertise to develop and manage the most complex supply chain strategies for your company. Your success rests on getting products to your customers in the most efficient way possible. CFF selects the most appropriate and cost-effective shipping method from a multitude of contracted LTL (less than truckload), TL (truckload), air freight and expedited service carriers.

  • We offer around the clock service, every day of the year and can provide immediate service anywhere in the country.
  • With thousands of satisfied customers, shipping a variety of materials across the country under every imaginable condition. We take exceptional care of your shipments; your time and your trust in our ability safeguard your products.
  • This method also reduces cargo handling, which narrows the risk of damage and loss while improving security.

Truckload freight shipping is by definition a shipment that requires either the full limits of a tractor trailer for its dimensions or weight capacity. Full truckload (FTL) freight shipping is best reserved for shippers who will benefit the most by taking advantage of the 53ft of linear feet or the 44,000 pound limit that a modern dry van trailer will provide. There are also instances where (FTL) services will be requested not for the capacity or weight limitation but due to project deadlines where time in transit is the key factor.